100% Arabica beans, fair traded, shade grown, organic and estate coffees.


Medium: Lightest roast, medium-bodied

Full City: A little darker, fuller flavor

Vienna: Bolder assertive flavor, a little oil on bean surface

French: Darkest roast, a little smoky sometimes, always strong

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Guatemala Vienna Roast FT

Our Guatemalan coffee is grown in the Chajulense region

Each coffee cherry is carefully selected , handpicked and then sorted, guaranteeing consistent and high quality product. A small amount of coffees are sun dried on the estate drying patios while others are machine dried. Guatemala is located in Central America, just South of Mexico and the Chajulense region is located in the Huehuetenango Highlands just South of the Mexican border. The beans are grown on family owned farms at an elevation of between 4200 and 5600 feet. This high altitude means the beans grow more slowly, become more dense and are designated Strictly Hard Bean (SHB). These slow-growing, dense beans are often richer in flavor. After Coffee rust struck the region hard in the past 2 years, the farmers are struggling to replant and increase their yields of high grade Fair Trade Organic coffee which we roast.

This Vienna Roast coffee has a sweet aroma and a silky chocolate taste

$16.00 1 lb