100% Arabica beans, fair traded, shade grown, organic and estate coffees.


Medium: Lightest roast, medium-bodied

Full City: A little darker, fuller flavor

Vienna: Bolder assertive flavor, a little oil on bean surface

French: Darkest roast, a little smoky sometimes, always strong

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Our Honduran coffee is grown in the La Encarnacion municipality located at the furthest western edge of the department of Ocotepeque.

Honduras is one of the most violent countries in the world, the original banana republic, twisted and misshapen by drug trafficking, gang violence and corruption. It is also home to some of the most hopeful projects in the world, supported by Fair Trade premiums. Dozens of cooperatives are certified Fair Trade and are improving the lives of their farmers with health and education projects, including schools for farmers’ children. There is “Feminine Coffee” produced by women only farmers. There are innovations on adaptation to climate change as the country is beset by drought and plant diseases related to the increased humidity that comes with rising temperature. All this is common in the Fair Trade experience and mission.

We are proud to be working with Coprocael (Cooperativa de Productores de Café la Encarnación Limitada) because it is truly a part of the community of Encarnación. It is a leader for setting standards of social justice and for specialty coffee quality in Honduras. Coprocael supports the farmers of Encarnación and the community at large. Coprocael uses one of the most technologically advanced wet mills in Honduras and work closely with their exporting partner, CAFFEX (Cafes Finos de Exportación). Together, they work with field technicians who monitor pickers during the harvest and ensure that the coffee is collected at the prime stage of maturation, contributing to a cup profile that truly stands out. Our newest direct importer, Joey Wein of Cereza Coffee, cupped through about 50 FTO lots before selecting this one. The co-op for these beans are Fair Trade, Organic and Utz Certified.

This Full City roast coffee has a juicy mouthfeel with flavor notes of mixed berries and pie.

$15.00 1 lb