100% Arabica beans, fair traded, shade grown, organic and estate coffees.


Medium: Lightest roast, medium-bodied

Full City: A little darker, fuller flavor

Vienna: Bolder assertive flavor, a little oil on bean surface

French: Darkest roast, a little smoky sometimes, always strong

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Papua New Guinea Full City Roast FT

Our Papuan coffee is grown in the Purosa region

Papua New Guinea is an island of spectacular scenery and culture located in the South Pacific. The abundant rainfall and rich volcanic soil provide ideal growing conditions for coffee. Transportation on the rural dirt roads is difficult and production is on more than 280,000 small village coffee gardens as opposed to larger plantation style production. It’s estimated that more than 2.5 million Papuans are involved in the production of coffee, more than ½ of the population. Coffee production began in the 1920’s with the introduction of Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee seeds.

This Papuan coffee comes from the Purosa Cooperative, which is supported by 2600 farmer owners who live in the 32 villages spread over 500 square kilometers of the valley. The coffee is grown at between 2500-5700 ft above sea level. One of the biggest issues they address in bringing their coffee to market is thieves and bandits who may confiscate up to 50% of large growers product. This lawlessness makes it even more important that the growers receive a fair price for the coffee that makes it to market.

This full City Roast coffee is a perfect desert coffee; sweet & earthy

$16.00 1 lb