100% Arabica beans, fair traded, shade grown, organic and estate coffees.


Medium: Lightest roast, medium-bodied

Full City: A little darker, fuller flavor

Vienna: Bolder assertive flavor, a little oil on bean surface

French: Darkest roast, a little smoky sometimes, always strong

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Uganda Forever - Seasonal

We found a coffee we’d really like you to try. Our importer partner Crop to Cup works directly in the countries in Africa with the farmers to help create these special products. This Uganda Natural coffee has a special flavor, and we are able to provide a limited quantity available for sale.

While this product is not Fair Trade Organic certified, we wanted to present it to you in a limited edition format.

What is a Natural coffee? The coffee cherry is the starting point, but the bean you love ultimately is dried and separated from the outside skin. The natural process is a more traditional process to separate the seed from the pulp. In this process the cherry is dried first in the sun and then once dried the outside is separated from the bean. All of our other coffees are washed first so the pulp of the cherry is washed off and then the bean is dried. How does this impact flavor? You’ll have to taste it, but there is a special fruitiness to the coffee which is different than all of the other products we have on offer.

We hope you’ll try it.
Limited Edition - 12 oz Package

$15.00 Limited Edition - Uganda Natural